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A. General

  • A1 Advisory Committees
  • A2 In-line Skating/Skateboarding & Bicycling
  • A3 Copyright, Legal Deposit & Plagiarism
  • A4 College Corporate Image
  • A5 No Smoking Policy
  • A7 Election & Appointment of College Members to Board of Governors
  • A8 Harassment/Discrimination
  • A9 Certificate of Appreciation
  • A10 Academic Council
  • A11 Freedom of Information
  • A12 Theft
  • A13 HIV (AIDS)
  • A14 College Occupational Health & Safety System
  • A15 Emergency Evacuation Orders
  • A16 Acceptable Use of Algonquin Computer Networks & Accounts
  • A17 Accident Reporting & Investigation
  • A18 Fatal or Critical Injuries
  • A19 First Aid
  • A20 Disaster Response Planning
  • A21 Rights, Freedoms, Responsibilities and Code of Conduct
  • A22 Workplace Violence Prevention
  • A23 Information Technology Scheduled System Maintenance
  • A24 Staff-Student Personal Relationships
  • A25 College Information Security
  • A26 Conflict of Interest Procurement Protection for Volunteers/Companies


B. Finance

  • B1 Fees
  • B03-A Fee Deferral Policy–Students not applying to FA
  • B3-B Fee Deferral Policy–FT Non-funded activity
  • Sale/Distribution of Printed Materials (Under Review)
  • B5 Student Activity fees, Sports Fees & Special Grants
  • B6 Residence Admissions
  • B7 Evergreening Policy
  • B8 Deployment of Computing Devices to Faculty & Staff

C. Property

  • C1 Emergency Campus Closing
  • C2 Parkin
  • C3 Physical Resources & Property Projects
  • C4 Voice Communication
  • C5 Key Control Policy
  • C6 Food & Drin in Labs & Shops
  • C8 Commercial Vendors, Notices, & On-campus Selling of Newspapers
  • C9 Staff & Student Identification

D. Staff

  • D1 Professional Development
  • D2 Professional Development Leave
  • D3-A Professional Development College Courses (Credit)
  • D3-B Professional Development College Courses (Non-credit)
  • D4 Hiring Policy: Temporary Support Staff Wage & Salary
  • D5 Career Development Plan
  • D6 Job Evaluations – Administrative Staff
  • D7 Staff Selection
  • D8 Leave of Absence for Personal Reasons
  • D9 Staff/Update Renewal
  • D10 Wage & Salary Administration: Support Staff Lead Hand Premium
  • D11 Conflict of Interest
  • D12 Employment & Education Equity for Women
  • D13 Vaccination Against Hepatitis B
  • D14 Vacation Policy
  • D15 College Response to the Death of an Employee
  • D16 New Employee Orientation
  • D17 Reimbursement of Tuition Fees for Dependent Children/Spouse of FT Employees
  • D18 Temporary Opportunities
  • D19 Work Program/Return to Work

E. Academic Matters

  • E1 Evaluation of Student Learning
  • E2 Program/Departmental Councils
  • E3 Special Allowances for Individual Students
  • E4 Student with Disabilities
  • E5 Unreturned College Property and Unpaid Debts
  • E6 Advanced Standing
  • E7 Course Load
  • E8 Changes to Original Registration (Drop/Add)


E. Academic Matters (cont.)

  • E9 Transfer of Academic Credit (Internal)
  • E10 Transfer of Academic Credit (External)
  • E11 Grading System
  • E12 Registration
  • E14 Emergency Loans & Advances
  • E15 Academic Appeal
  • E16 Academic Discipline
  • E17 Admissions Policy
  • E18 Scholarships/Prizes/Awards
  • E19 Confidentiality of Student Records
  • E20 Ombudsperson
  • E21 Certificates and Diplomas
  • E22 Field Trips
  • E23 Student Complaints
  • E24 Review of Final Grades
  • E25 Program Quality Assurance
  • E26 Dean’s Honour List
  • E27 Student Misconduct
  • E28 Bursaries
  • E29 Program Progressional & Graduation Requirements
  • E30 Cancellation of Classes
  • E31 Academic Advising
  • E32 Faculty Consultation with Students
  • E33 Course Outlines
  • E34 Suspension of Programs
  • E35 Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition
  • E36 College Response to Death of a Student
  • E37 Admission of International Students
  • E38 Course Assessment
  • E39 Use of Electronic Devices
  • E41 General Education Courses
  • E42 Campus Alcohol Policy
  • E43 Plagiarism
  • E44 Essential Employability Skills
  • E45 Disruptions to College Activities
  • E46 Protection of/Access to Student Information
  • E47 Honorary Degrees & Diplomas
  • E48 Project Hero Award

G. Educational Resources

  • G1 Learning Resource Centre
  • G2 Provision of Textbooks & Related Materials
  • G3 Audio-Visual Equipment
  • Gifts & Donations to Resource Centre (Under Review)
  • Statement of Intellectual Freedom (Under Review)
  • Media Algonquin (Under Review)
  • Resources Centre Cooperation with Other Libraries and Community Organizations (Under Review)

H. Research

  • H1 Research Administration
  • H2 Integrity in Research & Scholarship
  • H3 Research Involving Humans
  • H4 Research Involving Animals, Biohazards or Radioactive Material
  • H5 Intellectual Property