Security Emergency Contact App takes top prize at Applied Research Day 11.2

Security Emergency Contact App takes top prize at Applied Research Day 11.2

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New apps, trails, and other innovative products from the bright minds of Algonquin students were showcased at the Applied Research Day on December 3.  Starting at 9:30 a.m., groups of students presented their projects in booths, many with hands on demonstrations for the public to see. Projects were judged by a panel and awards were given to the top three who showed an innovative solution to a common problem.

The first place prize was given to the Security Emergency Contact App, which was created by students Ryan Hughes, Nick Briglio, Alex van der Mout, Andre Drapeau, Gabriel Edwards and Keithton Li under the supervision of Professors Edmund Strange and Mel Sanschagrin. The app, created for Algonquin College Safety, Security & Emergency Management, uses GPS tracking on cell phones to alert campus security of persons in distress.

Second place was awarded to the KI Nature and Wellness Trail Signage and Development, a project created by Pembroke students Kate Ming-Sun and Ria Quik with Professors Ian Pineau and Cameron Dube. The group was tasked with designing physical activity and interpretive signage displaying the local history of the area and providing health and exercise tips along the trail (which was started as part of another Applied Research project!).

The third place prize went to PsychWizard Treatment/Response Monitoring, created by students Eric Llewellyn, Tamara Grbo, Riza Baltazar, Angela Kwok, Hamdan Al-Buhaisi and Abhishek Joshi with Professor Edmund Strange. The project aimed to take complex and sophisticated electronic health records to a computer, tablet, and smart phone, allowing them to update their medication and symptom changes prior to their next visit, and follow their treatment progress.

Applied Research Day is an event held at the College three times a year, and includes projects that are recognized on an international scale. Each unique project is designed to solve an every-day problem while creating a new product or service. Groups pair up with clients to create an innovation solution to a problem they have encountered within their business.

The event is an opportunity to acknowledge the hard work, dedication and creativity of Algonquin’s student body and showcase their achievements to the community and employers. Congratulations everyone on another successful day!

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