Photo of Sean Emberley via SAIT on Twitter.

Bright Smiles, Bright Futures: Algonquin Student Project Takes Top Award at Polytechnics Canada 2013 Student Applied Research Showcase

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Photo of Sean Emberley via SAIT on Twitter.

There were plenty of pearly whites on display in Calgary as Team Algonquin was announced as the winner of the Polytechnics Canada 2013 Student Applied Research Showcase.

The team – including six College students, three graduates, and four faculty – worked with local client Cumulus Dental to create a 3D Voice Activated Dental Charting Software. Going forward, dental clinics who use this technology will be able to replace a paper-based, time consuming charting process for patient dental records with a voice activated software system that develops a 3D representation of the condition of a patient’s teeth in real-time - pretty hard to argue with a project that helps you spend less time in the dentists’ office!

“Algonquin College is extremely proud of the entire Applied Research team and would like to congratulate them on this great result,” says Dr. Kent MacDonald, President, Algonquin College. “Applied Research connects real world clients and the challenges they are facing with our students and faculty and, through this connection, our students receive hands-on experience, our faculty upgrade their skills, and the local economy grows because businesses are able to develop new and more efficient technologies. This is another example of how we all can benefit from successful Applied Research projects.”

“Congratulations to the entire team who worked tirelessly and delivered a great product,” adds Marc Lamarre, CEO, Cumulus Dental. “And more specifically, to Sean: job well done. I knew you had it in you to give a winning presentation. I am very pleased with how this project turned out, and I look forward to working with Algonquin College’s Applied Research and Innovation department again in the future.”

Beyond saving dental professionals’ time, this tool will also help them to create more consistency in their services – from charting to assessing dental and gum conditions. Because the system is cloud based, records can be shared should a patient change dentists. And the fact that this platform is software based helps patients understand the advice they are being given, which improves the likelihood that they will follow their dentists’ advice.

The team who helped make this project happen includes Sean Emberley, a Game Development student; Kyle Green and Michael Beddall of the Graphic Design program; Jordan Kurosky, Nicholas Castilloux, and Pierre Laforest-Grant, each a graduate of the Computing Science program; Peter Roy and Eric Llewellyn, students in the Computing Science program; Eric Dodds, a student in the Computer Programmer program; and Professors Edmund Strange, Christopher Elliott, Stanley Pieda, and Jed Looker. Sean delivered the presentation in Calgary on behalf of the team.

This was the first large project of the Algonquin College Health and Wellness Research Centre, launched earlier this year through funding from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC). The College would also like to acknowledge the support of FedDev, and 3D computer graphics company NGRAIN for their assistance.

Also announced at the Polytechnics Canada 2013 Student Applied Research Showcase – Algonquin College will be the first postsecondary educational institution to use CANARIE’s (Canada’s Advanced Research and Innovation Network) DAIR platform for cloud based research and development. Read that release here.

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